Developing the future of rapid autonomous Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Our mission: To be first on the scene, providing real-time high-fidelity video from autonomous aerial systems in complex rural, maritime and urban environments at a fraction of the cost of manned solutions with uncompromising safety.

Austin Aeronautics flagship Battery Electric UAV - THE SPRITE, with class leading redundancy and retractable payload.

Our service plan:

  • Beyond Visual Line of Sight, Rapid Response unmanned airborne Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance services.

  • First response on-scene situational awareness for search and rescue, providing real-time video and monitoring services using flexible payload options.

  • Coastal waters distressed vessel response, shipping monitoring and overwatch for coastal and environmental impact analysis.

  • Surveying capability for infrastructure, powerline inspection and boundary monitoring.

The future of rapid autonomous Aircraft

We've designed, developed and tested a patent pending autonomous aerial platform capable of rapidly reconfiguring payloads to meet our client's unique needs.

Design differentiators

  • High-speed cruise with low speed stability

  • Redundant, beyond visual line of sight (BLOS) navigation, autopilot and communications avionics

  • Propulsion system enables engine out operations across take-off, cruise and landing

  • Large enclosed payload area for bespoke flight requirements and discreet payloads

  • Fully autonomous flight profiles requiring minimal operator input

  • Mechanical flight control redundancy

THE rapid aerial surveillance solution for modern emergency services

Emergency Event

When you need to respond to an emergency situation, provide critical care or assess security situations; our business is to provide you with rapid real-time awareness as the situation unfolds. Now you can make critical decisions real time.

Contact us for our product response times.

Location Confirmed

Requesting real-time support is as simple as nominating a location on a map and letting our team take care of the rest. Developing emergency? We cater to wide-area geographies and adapt as the situation changes to give you the situational awareness you need.

Data Inbound

Our team will coordinate with traffic management services through an immediate flight plan for the fastest possible time to location. When you need information now we plan to be on-site in minutes, not hours.

Real-time High Fidelity Data

With your aircraft overhead you'll have immediate access to real-time situational data relayed directly to your team. Our data will be transmitted via private commercial agreements, minimising latency and maximising quality.

Field testing the first generation all electric SPRITE UAV October 2022.

Providing a general-purpose solution that delivers higher levels of safety, performance and autonomy, now the service becomes whatever you can imagine.

providing what no one else can

We're working to redefine the limits of what's possible in an unmanned aerial platform. Built and founded in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. We're developing an unparalleled service with safety at our core.

If you're interested in discussing how your unique challenges could be supported by our emerging autonomous aerial solutions, let us know - we should talk.

LEARN MORE ABOUT Our Patent Pending Flagship Unmanned Aerial VEHICLE

Austin Aeronautics Hybrid Griffin UAV with high visibility paint scheme to aid visual acquisition and enhance safety of flight.