Austin Aeronautics is built on a foundation of integrity. We are capable of delivering real technology for the real world, now. No corner cutting, just quality engineering and team execution.

This is how we are going to do it:

1. Develop the safest flying system available

2. Redefine response times compared to manned aircraft

3. Deliver the best value for money to our customers

4. Operate with a negative carbon footprint

5. Minimise community impact through discreet operations

RAPID Development Philosophy

We are building a general-purpose platform that leads in safety, performance and utility.

In order to get to market our phased development approach has focussed on:

concept analysis


  1. Concept and flight testing

  2. Market identification

  3. Vehicle design roadmap

  4. Business activity development

design validation


  1. Application of unique manufacturing techniques

  2. System testing and Avionics validation

  3. Simulator testing

  4. Maiden flight testing

  5. Industry partnership growth

  6. Advanced flight testing

  7. Advanced Demonstration

advanced fault detection


  1. AI development and evaluation

  2. Initial service implementation

  3. Fleet expansion

  4. Advanced payload procurement

  5. Mission profile refinement

  6. Training validation and expansion

  7. Market impact.


Duplicate and triplicate redundancy exists across the airframe in all aspects. Here are a few examples of how we're redefining the standard to expect of an unmanned autonomous aerial vehicle.


Our patent-pending system has been uniquely designed to provide best in class redundancy across all mechanical and electronic systems. For more information on our custom design please get in touch.

Australian Patent Application # 2022900830.

The avionics (not pictured) are arranged in the nose and tail of the vehicle to maximise the volume for payloads and cargo storage. The unique placement of the sixth motor is visible on the top of the vertical fin.

This aids in propulsion for take-off/landing and forward flight.



Fitted with a retractable payload that hides in the belly of the vehicle, we can achieve improved response time and overall cruise speeds. Our trailing edge flaps have been engineered to produce added lift at slow speed expanding our flight envelope. We are capable of flying at the limit of certification standards whilst maintaining slow speed efficiency as is needed for the particular use case.

The high-performance motors are visible on the nose and tail and these generate excess thrust to produce higher top speeds. Again, all unique design elements distinguish our platform in a league of its own.

Contact us to discuss how you can join our team.

We're building amazing products that redefine expectations of unmanned aerials systems. If you'd like to hear more about our product roadmap and bespoke platform solutions we'd love to hear from you.