Our Team

built by career aviators

May 2021

Austin Aeronautics was founded to bring an exciting new technology to Australia first. Usually this kind of activity is founded in the US or Europe but here we are surrounded by very talented minds and a community that gets excited about the future of flight and wanting to harness new technologies. This is what excites us.

I have spent a life in and around aviation, as a boy and now in my professional life. My team have real world, comprehensive aviation experience. I've flown all over the globe in the C-17, in wartime and peacetime and I honed my skills flying the F-18 fighter jet 150 feet off the ground. These experiences, believe me, are surreal and they allowed me to see just how the human fits into the flying system and observe our limitations and strengths. Flying epitomizes risk management there is no other environment where this is more critical and I have seen first-hand the safety framework and how consequences can manifest from minor to major accidents like pilot ejection. This experience is necessary when developing an autonomous aviation platform. We aim to cooperate intimately with our regulators to develop the safest platform imaginable because that is the way of the future of aviation, a smart platform with uncompromising safety. We can take the strengths of a modern day processor and overlay it on a programmed system that we create and develop. We take out the tired, distracted pilot and replace it with an intelligent processer that never fatigues, is always alert, that flies precisely and predictably every time, without compromise. And finally when something unsuspected happens, as is common in aviation, the intelligent system reacts immediately and confidently to avoid control hazards, risk to humans and property, and if necessary land safely in an approved area.

I only hire the best players for this team. We exist to be the best in class at what we do. We have genuine longterm aviation and aeronautical engineering experience, we understand how to coordinate with manned airborne systems, fit into a complex aviation framework, and how to develop the safest flying small urban aerial vehicle imaginable.

The future is exciting, but for now its back to work.

~ Dan

Our Team

Small but powerful. Austin Aeronautics, based in Brisbane is a focussed team of professional aviators and engineers, brought together to create a leading aviation company for Australians.

Daniel Austin

Founder, Chief Pilot


Fighter pilot on the F/A-18F Super Hornet / Captain of the C-17A Globemaster.

Nathan Schubert

MSysEng(Space Systems), BSc


Captain on C-17A and B350 King Air with involvement in capability development and the introduction of emerging ISR capabilities.

Byron Bignoux

BEng (Aeronautical) University of Sydney

Designed, built and flown over 30 unmanned aircraft, including unique configurations.

Inventor on innovation patent (Vehicular System allowing the Modular Construction of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

Previously founded a Telstra backed Aerospace startup developing high altitude long endurance unmanned aircraft.

Conducted research on UAVs including wind tunnel testing at the University of Sydney

Sherard Kueh

BEng (Aeronautical) Hons

Co-founded a Telstra-backed startup developing HALE UAVs that operated in RAAF airspace.

Developed and integrated custom UAV hardware systems and software on multiple UAVs.

Worked on on-board obstacle recognition and avoidance.

Ex financial analyst for Accenture.

Maciej Babiak


Mechanical Engineer specialising in aerodynamics and platform design.

Experienced with combat and cargo UAVs

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